Friday, January 2, 2009

2009, A New Year to Start

So it is 2009 and the world is upside down. People are scared, buyers are scarce, and the media is in full voice on how horrible things are.

If you are a pessimist, crawl back under the covers or get in the recliner and watch football. This post is not for you.

(Are they gone? Cool.)

Now we can really talk, because I truly believe that this can be a great year for you. I am expecting it to be one for me.

Why you wonder? I am glad you asked.

Because we are in a time of great opportunity and you have something special going on. You are reading this blog post.

Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing

There are many different types of lenders willing to finance your new home or refinance your existing home. Let one of our agents work for you to find the best deal available to you. We recommend that you look through different quotes, as the different types of lenders will give you different quotes. Different financial institutions also have different charges, fees and terms. To make sure that you get the best price available to you, you should let one of our financial experts do the leg-work for you.

A mortgage broker is a great source for financing. They don’t work for a finance company, but rather, they work for you and they will get a few quotes to try and find the best deal for you. Let one of our agents shop around for you to make sure that you are getting the best deal. Our real estate agents will get a variety of quotes so that you can easily go through and pick the best quote for you.

Considering recent real estate market trends and developments, mortgage financing and refinancing are top priorities for those who do not want fall into foreclosure. Interest rates and property taxes play a role when deciding what mortgage plan would work best for you. Different people live different lifestyles and certain financing plans do not work well for everyone.

The more popular sources of Real Estate Financing include:

Mortgage Broker
Thrift Institutions
Commercial Banks
Mortgage Companies
Credit Unions

You can help move things along by taking certain steps to expedite the process. Be ready for your endeavor, execute your due diligence, and know the limits of your economic reach. That means you should be aware of what you can afford for a down payment, have a budget worked out so you know how much is a comfortable monthly allowance for your mortgage payment, and get a pre-approved letter from your finance company so you know what price range you are approved for.